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Firearms have become a special point of interest nationally, and specifically in New York State. The new “Safe Act” amendments and restrictions on the types of firearms citizens are allowed to possess is ever changing and complicated. At Action Tactical it is our goal to ensure that you can purchase and possess all firearms allowed by New York State. The result of this draconian legislature has made transferring of firearms complex and litigious. Gone are the days of simple transfers between friends or family, which have been replaced by a complex system of vetting and information collection. As a result of all of these procedures and policies, we are forced to charge service fees and escalated shipping charges to facilitate any transfer and abide by state law.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or specific issues you may have, but rest assured, we will follow the letter of the law, and even though we are not attorneys, do our best to send you in the right direction and ensure your right to arms.

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